A summer well spent: meet Waylay's 2017 summer interns

As summer unfolds itself over Ghent and we are all taking our time off in the sun, three young bright minds have chosen to spend their summer in the Waylay office, getting to know what it’s like working at an IoT technology company, while making some new friends and exploring the beautiful city of Ghent. Meet Jasper, Jeremy and Yigitcan - Waylay's 2017 summer interns.

Hi, tell us a little about you, where are you from, what are you studying?

Jasper: My name is Jasper De Vrient and I'm from Aalter, a county between Bruges and Ghent. I studied applied computer science at the University College Ghent and during that time I had my first internship at Waylay, followed by a summer job. After I graduated I decided to follow up with an academic education. So this year I did the bridging programme to major in applied informatics at the University of Leuven.

Jeremy: I am Jeremy Pek and I’m from Singapore. I am currently pursuing a BSc in Information Systems at Singapore Management University. Some of my interests are: good food (my colleagues would agree), martial arts, new technologies, building software and Game of Thrones. :)

Yigit: My name is Yiğitcan UÇUM, I study Computer Technology and Informations Systems at Trakya University in Turkey. I have started coding in my late high-school years and since then, I have worked with different technologies and platforms. My current interests are back-end programming and devops. Aside from the software side of the things, I also have an interest in building hobby robotics projects.


Why did you choose Waylay for your summer internship this year?

Jasper: I chose Waylay because I have an interest in the Internet of Things and the technologies they use. I was also very familiar with the team and the technologies used thanks to my previous experience working with them.

Jeremy: I have an interest in new technologies and in particular in the Internet of Things - I thought it would be awesome to witness first hand how an IoT company actually functions and what are some of the real challenges being faced by both the technology company and by its customers.

Yigit: As a hobbyist robotics tinkerer and experienced programmer, I was always intrigued by IoT and its technical challenges. Also, I’m not an avid trend follower but the rise of IoT is spectacular and it’s apparent that it will continue growing over the following years. Waylay was one of the best choices considering my background and career goals.


What have you worked on at Waylay during this summer?

Jasper: I have worked on the new dashboard for one of our customers - Conrad Connect, where I did some bug-fixes and implemented some features (such as the devices page). In addition to that, I wrote some smart device integrations for Pirio and digitalStrom. I also worked on improving a reporting tool I had setup during my previous summer job.

Jeremy: I worked on building automation for lead generation by connecting various web apps together, implementing a system of managing offline leads and automatically adding them to the company’s CRM and migrating the company’s blog from static html pages to a modern CMS.

Yigit: I have begun by learning about the Waylay broker and time series database that we’re using to store IoT metrics to then later query for current/historical state of IoT devices on our platform. My job for the summer was to find ways of optimizing our usage of the database and creating a workflow to analyze this data for different customer needs through big data analytics tools such as Spark.


What did you like most about your time at Waylay?

Jasper: I enjoyed working at Waylay because the team is fun and they have very diverse skills - they were always able to help when I got stuck with something and to offer new insights. I really liked that the assignments I got were all very different and they all came with a lot of extra info that they gave me to help with completing them. The solutions I came up with were then reviewed by colleagues which gave me valuable feedback on the work I did and so I learned a lot of new things.

Jeremy: There are three things I liked most from this internship.

  • They made it easy for me to learn. I had no previous knowledge of digital marketing before joining and have learned a lot about the inbound methodology that is used at Waylay and even had the opportunity of attending an inbound marketing event in Amsterdam with Miruna. I was also excited to attend the IoT Convention in Mechelen - all this and working so near everyone in the office meant I could learn all aspects of the business and pick-up concepts and tools I would have maybe never gotten to explore.

  • The interaction outside of work was fantastic. This is my first time in Europe and it was important for me to make the most of the free time I had as well. And as if having my own personal guides, my colleagues took me out to cool places to dine and explore around the city. Thanks to them, I had the best time here and learned a lot about the history and culture of Belgium.

  • The multiculturality of the team. Working together with people with such different backgrounds is amazing in itself, apart from the Belgian colleagues, I also got to meet and work with people from Turkey, Romania and Ghana. We would always have interesting conversations during lunch about the different practices of all the various cultures we came from.

Yigit: What I like most is that I am given enough freedom to do my own thing, while also given the resources or help I need whenever I ask for it. It’s the perfect environment to grow and perfect my software skills while solving real problems. I also like that everyone at Waylay is passionate about their job and the work we do. It’s also great being able to work with people who are more experienced than me. It’s a learning opportunity that I’ve been searching for a long time!

Interested in working for an IoT technology company? We are hiring! Get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Miruna Suru

Marketing lead at Waylay, passionate about space exploration and machine ethics.

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