Veselin Pizurica

Co-founder and CTO @Waylay, R&D, background in IoT/M2M, Cloud Computing, Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Signal and Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, author of 12 patents.

22 posts


A guide to rules engines for IoT: CEP Engines

What are CEP engines? Although part (and predecessors) of stream processing engines, Complex Event Processing engines deal with events in a slightly different (and better) way... Read More


A guide to rules engines for IoT: Stream Processing Engines

What are stream processing engines? Stream processing is the processing of data in motion―in other words, computing on data directly as it is produced or... Read More


A guide to rules engines for IoT: Forward-Chaining Engines

What is a forward chaining rules engine? An inference engine using forward chaining applies a set of rules and facts to deduce conclusions, searching the rules... Read More


Manage uncertainty and probabilities in IoT application development with the right rules engine

The uncertainty principle is an important element when building computer logic and probabilities can seriously affect conditional statements (rules) over time. If you are reading this... Read More


Why the time dimension is vital in IoT application development and how using a rules engine can help reduce the complexity

The time dimension increases the complexity of application development for software developers that are building logic with conditional statements (rules) that need to change over time.... Read More


Should you use a rules engine to manage business logic in IoT applications? Yes, especially if the logic is complex

It's not obvious to non-developers just how different computer expressed logic is from human expressed logic. It's one of the reasons why developers have a difficult... Read More


What is a rules engine and when do we need one?

Abstraction is the removal of details in order to enhance the visibility of a pattern. A useful abstraction is one that removes things we don't need... Read More


Serverless automation with Waylay engine

The Waylay engine is the rule engine that separates information, control and decision flow using the smart agent concept.... Read More


Waylay engine, a new era of building cloud applications

Neither flow engines nor BPM engines can solve the problem of merging the IoT world of continuous real-time sensor data with the API world of cloud and enterprise software data.... Read More


AI and IoT, Part 3: How to apply AI techniques to IoT solutions - a smart care example

In this final part of the series, I will be using the real-life example of an elderly care field trial, in order to explain how we combine different AI techniques.... Read More


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