Veselin Pizurica

Co-founder and CTO @Waylay, R&D, background in IoT/M2M, Cloud Computing, Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Signal and Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, author of 12 patent applications.

8 posts


The curse of dimensionality in decision trees - branching problem

When we talk about the curse of dimensionality, we often refer to the difficulty that arises when analyzing and organizing data in high-dimensional spaces. This blog is about a problem with decision trees that is similar to data analytics in high-dimensional spaces.... Read More>>


IoT Platform Evolution - from Net Fishing to Pole Fishing. Operationalizing Big Data for IoT

First, your smart-sensor-enabled-network-connected things begin sending information about themselves and their environment to your central hub in the cloud.... Read More>>


New documentation site

We have made great effort in the past few weeks to improve our documentation. Enjoy reading!... Read More>>


How do we evolve to a programmable world?

With the advent of IoT (Internet-of-Things), sensor-based applications are no longer confined to the factory floor, sensor-enabled systems are now all around us: in cars, appliances,... Read More>>


Waylay engine - one rules engine to rule them all

One of IoT's strongest promises is that we'll be able to react in real-time on real-time data. An advanced IoT rules engine delivers on that promise by ingesting real-time data, reasoning on that data and invoking automated actions based on the result of that reasoning process.... Read More>>


Busy, busy, busy. Waylay raises some attention @CODE_n #CeBIT15

For the last few years, CODE_n has made itself a name for bringing fresh, innovative companies to CeBIT. This year, CODE_n was all about... Read More>>


Waylay on the road: from Barcelona to Hannover

Hello everyone, This is a short post with a few words about Mobile World Congress (MWC) last week in Barcelona. At the same time, we are... Read More>>


Waylay in Rome: Conference on Cognitive IOT

Hi guys! It’s been a while since our last blog post. First, let me give you some update, before we get to a Rome story:... Read More>>

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