Waylay is an IoT orchestration platform that enables companies to automate workflows by connecting physical products, IT systems and cloud applications.

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Waylay exhibits at IFA 2019, showcases new solutions for smart appliance vendors

Waylay will be present at IFA 2019 to showcase a complete set of tools that help smart appliance vendors achieve faster innovation cycles, faster time to... Read More


How to improve customer support for connected products, with Waylay and Salesforce

If you have the right tools, customer and field support for connected products can be easy and cost-effective, and you can achieve that with Salesforce, a popular support software and the Waylay PaaS, that provides powerful business logic and analytics capabilities specifically for IoT use cases.... Read More


IoT Rules Engines: How To Build and Run IoT Business Logic

There are very few commercial (or open source) tools that have the whole range of capabilities to cover the wide variety of IoT automation requirements across industries and use cases.... Read More


A guide to rules engines for IoT: Finite State Machines

What are finite state machines? A state machine can be used to describe the system in terms of a set of states that the system goes... Read More


A guide to rules engines for IoT: Decision Trees

What are decision trees? A popular way of capturing the complexity of conditional rules is by using decision trees, which are graphs that use a branching... Read More


A guide to rules engines for IoT: Flow Processing Engines

What are flow processing engines? Flow based programming is a programming paradigm that defines applications as networks of "black box" processes. These processes, a.... Read More


A guide to rules engines for IoT: Condition-Action engines

What are condition-action engines? Condition-Action based (CA) rules engines belong to the group of Forward Chaining engines, however there are some relevant differences, especially in the... Read More


An extensive comparative guide to IoT automation technologies

As the IoT is picking up speed in consumer and industrial markets, IoT application development is becoming increasingly complex. Solution architects and enterprise developers are looking... Read More


How can you evaluate an automation tool for the Internet of Things?

If all software is ultimately automation, we can think of rules engines as software squared - they are software tools that automate the automation itself. A... Read More


There are many ways to move around a city, and we show all of them in real time on manyways.be

Manyways.be closes the gap between technical mobility data and its use by citizens, developers, visitors, commuters, neighbors, mobility experts, academics and local governments themselves.... Read More


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