Waylay is an IoT orchestration platform that enables companies to automate workflows by connecting physical products, IT systems and cloud applications.

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Waylay partners with Arm to help businesses achieve better IoT returns from automation

Waylay is announcing today that it is partnering with Arm to integrate its IoT automation framework with the Arm® Pelion™ IoT platform.... Read More


Introducing an easier, smarter way to work with IoT data for B2B end users

The value chain of a typical B2B IoT solution can get very complex very fast. In B2B, there may often be several intermediary stakeholder organisations, and within each of these organisations multiple users needing different functionalities and often different access levels.... Read More


Waylay exhibits at Industry of Things World 2019, showcases new solutions for connected equipment manufacturers

As a key partner of the event, Waylay will be there to talk about the challenges of monetising incoming data from physical products and deriving true business value from IoT solutions.... Read More


An IoT use case for Time Series Analytics: optimising production yield for precision fish farming

Water quality directly impacts the farm's production yield. IoT devices measure water quality in real-time and store the metrics in a time-series database.... Read More


Waylay exhibits at IFA 2019, showcases new solutions for smart appliance vendors

Live demo at IFA: a toy smart appliance will be on display that sends real-time sensor data to the Waylay platform. Real-time automation scenarios will be played out for use cases such as condition monitoring, anomaly detection, alarms & notifications and more... Read More


How to operationalise time series analytics. Integrating offline data analysis into a real-time automation platform

IoT data from connected products not only provides business value in real-time but also offline, as historical data is analysed to understand usage and detect and... Read More


How to improve customer support for connected products, with Waylay and Salesforce

If you have the right tools, customer and field support for connected products can be easy and cost-effective, and you can achieve that with Salesforce, a popular support software and the Waylay PaaS, that provides powerful business logic and analytics capabilities specifically for IoT use cases.... Read More


IoT Rules Engines: How To Build and Run IoT Business Logic

There are very few commercial (or open source) tools that have the whole range of capabilities to cover the wide variety of IoT automation requirements across industries and use cases.... Read More


A guide to rules engines for IoT: Finite State Machines

What are finite state machines? A state machine can be used to describe the system in terms of a set of states that the system goes... Read More


A guide to rules engines for IoT: Decision Trees

What are decision trees? A popular way of capturing the complexity of conditional rules is by using decision trees, which are graphs that use a branching... Read More


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