Bosch Connected World 2018: Waylay presents the Waylay IoT service platform and the Waylay rules engine in Berlin

On February 21st and 22nd 2018 Waylay will be exhibiting at the 2018 Bosch Connected World in Berlin, Germany. We will be in the StartUp Alley together with twenty amazing startups that are developing cutting edge solutions for the connected businesses of tomorrow, introducing booth visitors to the Waylay rules engine and the Waylay IoT service platform.

  1. The Waylay Rules Engine is a next generation business automation tool that processes data from a variety of sources (physical products, legacy enterprise software, web applications), reasons on this data in real time and then acts on the decisions it takes. The Waylay rules engine is for companies that already have an IoT solution in place for gathering, aggregating and analysing data from their smart products but are missing an advanced automation tool to operationalize their big data insights.

    Download the Waylay rules engine introduction guide

    Connected building is one of the applications where the Waylay rules engine is used by HVAC and building management companies to better manage device/equipment data in order to optimize energy costs, comfort and productivity while improving the building’s environmental performance through better resource management.

  2. The Waylay IoT Service Platform is a cloud-to-cloud data aggregation and integration platform that enables companies to bring new digital services to market by connecting physical products to enterprise software and third party web applications. As it leverages the power of the Waylay rules engine that lies at its core, it enables enterprise-level automations and applications using multiple-source data, bringing true added value to end customers. The Waylay Service platform is for companies that work with different smart products from different vendors (this can be white goods, home automation products, fitness and health trackers, etc.) together with different digital services and who want to connect them in an easy, automated and scalable way.

    Download the Waylay IoT service platform introduction guide

    Smart home is one of the applications where the Waylay IoT service platform is used by retailers, service providers, utility companies, health & wellness providers and more to introduce new digital services for customers leveraging the power of the cloud-to-cloud aggregation cloud.

Meet with Waylay at the 2018 Bosch Connected World event in Berlin to discover more about our technology and to have a look at how it powers connected building, smart city, smart home, and other IoT applications for real-world business cases.

Find us in the Startup Alley or fill-in this form to book your meeting with Waylay at BCW18 in advance.

Miruna Suru

Marketing lead at Waylay, passionate about space exploration and machine ethics.

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