Meet Gabriel Reid, software engineer and bike racer

What have you been doing before joining Waylay?

I spent the last few years working on building a "Customer Data Platform" at NGDATA (another Gent startup), which was essentially a system to track, aggregate, and react to customer behaviour to help enterprises to better understand, react to, and target their customers (and potential customers). Before that I spent a number of years at TomTom, writing software related to digital map processing and production. Both of these previous jobs involved dealing with lots of data, which fits quite well with what I'll be doing at Waylay.

And what will you be doing at Waylay?

I'm working on the back-end software at Waylay. In a number of ways it's similar to what I was doing previously, although instead of processing data coming from people the focus is more on doing things with data that come from IoT devices.

Because this is a startup there's also a lot of flexibility involved, so I've also already had a few chances to also be involved in working on bits of front-end software as well.

So why an IoT software company and why Waylay?

An IoT software company interested me because I'm a bit of a casual Arduino tinkerer, and it's just a generally interesting space to be in. Waylay really interested me because of the combination of the IoT angle, along with the fact that I was really interested in working for a smaller startup again. A relatively small startup filled with smart, driven people is what I was looking for, and so far I definitely haven't been disappointed.

What are some of your passions outside of work?

Apart from my wife and son, my biggest passion outside of work is bicycle racing. I originally came to Belgium (from Canada) 20 years ago to race bicycles here, and started racing again a few years ago. Training and racing seem to generally manage to take up most of my extra time these days.

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Waylay is an IoT orchestration platform that enables companies to automate workflows by connecting physical products, IT systems and cloud applications.

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