A guide to rules engines for IoT: Forward-Chaining Engines

What is a forward chaining rules engine? An inference engine using forward chaining applies a set of rules and facts to deduce conclusions, searching the rules... Read More


Manage uncertainty and probabilities in IoT application development with the right rules engine

The uncertainty principle is an important element when building computer logic and probabilities can seriously affect conditional statements (rules) over time. If you are reading this... Read More


Why the time dimension is vital in IoT application development and how using a rules engine can help reduce the complexity

The time dimension increases the complexity of application development for software developers that are building logic with conditional statements (rules) that need to change over time.... Read More


Should you use a rules engine to manage business logic in IoT applications? Yes, especially if the logic is complex

It's not obvious to non-developers just how different computer expressed logic is from human expressed logic. It's one of the reasons why developers have a difficult... Read More


An extensive comparative guide to IoT automation technologies

As the IoT is picking up speed in consumer and industrial markets, IoT application development is becoming increasingly complex. Solution architects and enterprise developers are looking... Read More


How can you evaluate an automation tool for the Internet of Things?

If all software is ultimately automation, we can think of rules engines as software squared - they are software tools that automate the automation itself. A... Read More


There are many ways to move around a city, and we show all of them in real time on manyways.be

Manyways.be closes the gap between technical mobility data and its use by citizens, developers, visitors, commuters, neighbors, mobility experts, academics and local governments themselves.... Read More


The internet of things brings about a second information rush and businesses are falling for it

Newly gained access to information is valuable, for both people and businesses. But only as a prerequisite for what comes next. New information is only valuable because it enables better decisions. Better decisions are what leads both people and businesses to take better actions.... Read More


Meet Gabriel Reid, software engineer and bike racer

I spent the last few years working on building a "Customer Data Platform" at NGDATA (another Gent startup), which was essentially a system to track, aggregate, and react to customer behaviour... Read More


What is a rules engine and when do we need one?

Abstraction is the removal of details in order to enhance the visibility of a pattern. A useful abstraction is one that removes things we don't need... Read More


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