IoT Platform Evolution - from Net Fishing to Pole Fishing. Operationalizing Big Data for IoT

First, your smart-sensor-enabled-network-connected things begin sending information about themselves and their environment to your central hub in the cloud.... Read More>>


The Birth of the IoT Aggregation Cloud

Multiple parallel IoT solutions will co-exist for the foreseeable future, which makes integration a top priority for service companies dealing with multi-vendor smart devices and applications.... Read More>>


What Sigfox and LoRaWAN have in common

A lot has been written about the popular LPWAN technologies Sigfox and LoRaWAN and in particular about the differences between them with regards to radio technology,... Read More>>


IoT orchestration enables cross-vertical applications

Much of the discussion around the Internet-of-Things has centered on devices, connectivity and IoT platforms. At the back-end, these IoT platforms provide secure and scalable device... Read More>>


How do we evolve to a programmable world?

With the advent of IoT (Internet-of-Things), sensor-based applications are no longer confined to the factory floor, sensor-enabled systems are now all around us: in cars, appliances,... Read More>>


Consumer Innovation is Driving Enterprise Transformation

This is a guest blog post written by Laura Merling and was originally published on LinkedIn. The best-kept secret of today’s IoT world is that... Read More>>


Integration is key for successful enterprise Internet-of-Things applications

In enterprise Internet-of-Things (IoT) discussions, there is a lot of emphasis on: Securely onboarding devices Getting device data to the cloud in a scalable way and... Read More>>


When IoT Meets Artificial Intelligence

The Internet-of-Things provides us with lots of sensor data. However, the data by themselves do not provide value unless we can turn them into actionable, contextualized... Read More>>


Intelligent IoT: in the cloud or in the fog?

In a previous blog post titled ‘Contextualized experiences require more than sensor data’, I have argued that many IoT applications still feel very gadget-alike. An additional... Read More>>


Contextualized experiences require more than sensor data

These days, there is a lot of buzz around IoT (the Internet-of-Things), with predictions of an astronomic amount of connected devices in the near future, and... Read More>>

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