Waylay is certified for Proximus EnCo LoRa

Today, we announce that Waylay is certified for use with Proximus EnCo LoRa. What does this mean? Proximus EnCo stands for “Proximus Enabling Company” and is... Read More>>


New documentation site

We have made great effort in the past few weeks to improve our documentation. Enjoy reading!... Read More>>


Waylay engine - one rules engine to rule them all

One of IoT's strongest promises is that we'll be able to react in real-time on real-time data. An advanced IoT rules engine delivers on that promise by ingesting real-time data, reasoning on that data and invoking automated actions based on the result of that reasoning process.... Read More>>


Alpha Testing @ waylay

It’s been a while since i posted a blog. That’s not because of the ‘Gentse Feesten #GF14’ or because we are enjoying a summer... Read More>>

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