Waylay is certified for Proximus EnCo LoRa

Today, we announce that Waylay is certified for use with Proximus EnCo LoRa. What does this mean?

Proximus EnCo stands for “Proximus Enabling Company” and is the platform through which Proximus exposes assets from Proximus itself and from partners in the domains of IoT, Big Data, Telecommunications and Cloud. Its objective is to enable developers, start-ups and companies to create or enrich applications. The scope of assets is broad, but here we will focus on LoRa, the IoT network dedicated to long range, low bit rate IoT applications.

The integration between Proximus EnCo and Waylay means that it is now straightforward to ingest data from any IoT sensor connected to EnCo straight into Waylay.

How to set up the integration

There are two ways in which you can set up the integration:

  1. Configure a CloudChannel on Proximus EnCo. You can find the documentation here. Once your CloudChannel has been set up, your LoRa sensor or other IoT sensor data will be forwarded transparently to your Waylay environment in real-time. Waylay will discover your devices on the fly, without the need to explicitly provision the devices.

  2. Make use of the off-the-shelf Waylay SW-defined sensors for EnCo LoRa. These sensors collect historical sensor data from the Proximus EnCo back-end on demand. The first way is the most straightforward, but for certain use cases, you may want to use the second variant as well.

How can the integration help you

Once your LoRa sensor data are in the Waylay platform, you can do a myriad of things, we highlight just 2 capabilities:

  • Visualize the data for you and your customers. You can configure your own dashboard to display data in various widgets in our off-the-shelf B2B dashboard. Moreover, if you would like to share sensor data with your customers, you can give them a dashboard with access to their sensor data only.

  • Set up automation and notification logic - Through Waylay’s drag-and-drop logic editor, you can set up automation logic that sends out SMSs, emails or notifies people via smartphones based on certain events. You can also create logic that e.g. makes updates in databases, ERP systems or ticketing systems. Waylay comes with a large set of pre-built actuators. Moreover, via the same mechanism, it is possible to re-expose enriched sensor data back into the EnCo platform using the EnCo SEaaS (Sensor-as-a-Service) API.

As a bonus, we have added support for the Proximus EnCo SMS API. For alerting, you can use the Proximus SMS service within Waylay. The only thing that you need to do is provision the API credentials for the SMS services within the Waylay platform.

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Piet Vandaele

Co-founder and CEO @Waylay, background in IoT/M2M and telecom. Piet holds a PhD in applied sciences and an MBA degree. When he is not busy building IoT solutions, he enjoys reading classic novels.

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