Waylay and allóra Factory enable cold chain supply and facility management IoT solutions

Waylay, the IoT aggregation & automation platform, now offers off-the-shelf integration with LPWA wireless sensors by manufacturer allóra Factory.

allóra Factory builds sensors for tracking parameters such as movement, temperature and humidity. Applications vary from monitoring temperatures in freezers to monitoring occupancy times of dressing rooms or attendance levels in offices.

We focus on the hardware and the LPWAN connectivity so that our customers have the freedom to choose their web platform. With Waylay, customers that collect data from allora Factory sensors can combine it with other data sources and integrate easily with their existing software. (Pieter de Mil, CEO)

Both Waylay and allóra Factory are partners in the IoT ecosystem of network operator Proximus, provider of LoRa connectivity in Belgium. This offers customers three-fold compatibility of hardware, connectivity and platform.

Who benefits?

allóra Factory sensors are mostly used in cold chain supply management and facility management.

  • Off-the-shelf integration with the Waylay platform benefits companies that are handling temperature-sensitive products such as food items, vaccines, serums, tests or chemicals. For perishable goods, monitoring product load conditions is critical to meet industry regulations and to ensure consumer safety. Applications are not restricted to goods in transit but are also for non-mobile assets such as servers in data centres or temperature-sensitive equipment in factories.

  • The integration also benefits companies responsible with facility management in smart home, smart building and retail applications. allóra Factory sensors can accurately detect the presence or absence of occupants in any given space and determine fluctuations in occupancy levels throughout time. Examples of applications include retailers monitoring dressing rooms, office building administrators monitoring occupancy levels of high-traffic and high-demand areas such as meeting rooms or restrooms.


allóra Factory long-range wireless sensors are robust, easy to install, and have long lifetimes. The data collected from the sensors is easily ingested straight into the Waylay platform where customers can integrate it with data from enterprise IT systems or third-party apps, visualise it in one comprehensive dashboard and start building real-time automations that provide real added business value.

IoT partnerships benefit companies looking at innovating with IoT solutions - the more integrations the more freedom customers have to choose the components most suitable for their business case without worrying about the integration themselves as it already comes off-the-shelf.

Get in touch to discover how the integration can work for your business or if you have a complementary IoT solution and want to partner up.

Miruna Suru

Marketing lead at Waylay, passionate about space exploration and machine ethics.

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